W.O.M.E.N. Summit 2021

W.O.M.E.N. SUMMIT 2021 30th July,2021, 3-5 PM

CAMILLE SCHRIER Miss America 2020 Doctorate of Pharmacy Student     

Andrew Zwicker PhD Assemblyman & Chair, New Jersey Science Innovation & Technology Committee

Event Contact: Kamana Misra PhD, awis_cjc@yahoo.com


  • Mentoring Awards
  • Entrepreneurship Awards &
  • The New Jersey STEM Women Entrepreneurs Supplier Diversity Initiative                     With a mission to develop a sustainable ecosystem to facilitate women in STEM entrepreneurship ventures in New Jersey.

Women remain underrepresented among the ranks of entrepreneurs. Even more so, the female STEM entrepreneurs. Our campaign aims to de-risk and celebrate STEM women entrepreneurs by creating opportunities for their businesses in the New Jersey ecosystem. The mission is achievable only through collaborations with partners who champion our vision of long-term change by supporting women led innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • We are making a list of female owned STEM businesses in New Jersey and the services they provide.
  • We will highlight these businesses to our partners & collaborators for a possible contract if your businesses address their service needs.
  • We will connect you to other supplier diversity initiatives.


  • Being listed as a female owned STEM business Vendor in New Jersey?
  • Matched to business opportunities for your company?
  • Supporting the initiative as a company?

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