2016 AWIS New Jersey High School STEM Scholarship Winners

2016FN AWIS-NJ STEM Scholars

Established in 1995, AWIS NJ empowers and promotes women scientists through programs that facilitate career development, education, networking, leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities.

For close to 20 years, we have been offering STEM scholarships to female high school students from all parts of New Jersey who display high academic performance, are active in extracurricular activities and plan to pursue STEM careers.

The 2016 high school STEM scholarship winners were highly recommended. Their thought-provoking essays enlightened the review committee about the lives and aspirations of the applicants as well as the accomplishments of inspirational New Jersey women scientists. Our reviewers consider the winners among the top young women of scientific aptitude that New Jersey can offer.

2016 AWIS New Jersey High School STEM Scholarship Review Committee

Michael P. Shakarjian, PhD (Chair)

Smita Thakker-Varia, PhD

Jillian Whidby Freund, PhD

Roberta Batorsky, PhD



“Adopt-a-River” campaign: A partnership between New Jersey schools and Association for Women in Science, New Jersey Chapter.

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With an objective to get high school students involved in local ecological conservation projects, we invite you to partner with us to learn basics of water quality testing. Each school / team will have an opportunity to identify a river of choice in their neighborhood. Based on the material and instructions provided from our experts, school teams will be assigned simple tasks to test defined parameters of the designated water body.  Each school team will share their results in a presentation at the end of the school year. The long-term goal is to make this a recurring annual event to track ecological parameters of different water bodies across NJ over extended time period with students providing valuable data each calendar period.

Click on the link to get further details and to register:


AWIS CJC Annual High School Senior Scholarship Applications, 2013

AWIS CJC Annual High School Senior Scholarship Applications are now open for 2013

For full information follow the link:

2013 Annual High School Scholarship Application

Or click on the scholarships tab.

AWIS NJ Officers 2013:

Kamana Misra, PhD           Smita Thakker-Varia PhD           Gina Schaefer           Doranelly Kolchev PhD

AWIS NJ Scholarship – Deadline April 30

For full information: http://bit.ly/AWISNJScholarship2012a
Questions? Write to info@awisnj.org