Entrepreneurship Challenge

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2019 AWIS Entrepreneurial Challenge


EXTENDED: 1st Submission                               February  15th, 2019                                      Shortlisted Applicant Notifications                    February 8th, 2019                                            Shortlisted Applicant Phone Interviews           From Feb 11-25, 2019                                         Invited Final Presentations                                 March 8, 2019  


  • The challenge is open to women who have embraced or plan to lead STEM entrepreneurial ventures.
  • The companies should be registered in New Jersey.
  • If sufficient, qualified New Jersey applicants are not found in New Jersey, applicants from New York and Pennsylvania will also be considered.
  • Institutional affiliation is not necessary.
  • To participate, the entrepreneurial team must be led by female STEM professionals. or show a clear potential and willingness to adopt a leadership role in the prospective company.
  • The companies should not be operational for more than 5 years.


Initial submission through the link provided below or emailed to awis_cjc@yahoo.com must address the following (not more than two pages total):

  1. The Team
  2. The Problem?
  3. Your Solution
  4. Competition
  5. Growth Strategy
  6. Revenue Models/ Financials

Submission Link: https://awisnj.wordpress.com/submit-your-2019-women-in-stem-entrepreneurship-challenge-application-here/


All eligible applicants will also be evaluated to participate in the following programs:

1.       NJIT Summer Innovation Accelerator (No fees or equity taken)

2.       Johnson & Johnson Consumer R&D Innovation Immersion Workshop

3.       STEM to Market: The AWIS Accelerator (No fees or equity taken)

4.       Access to our events & meets

Cash Awards:

1st Place  – $3000

2nd Place – $2000

3rd Place – $1000