MedHealth Challenge

2019 MedHealth Challenge Winners.

The following teams are the winners of the 2019 MedHealth challenge. The projects were judged on concept innovation, supporting data and the prototype development.

1st Place: 

  • Julia DeMeritt, Ramsey High School, Ramsey, NJ
  • Project Title: Commun X – Emergent Medical Communications
  • Synopsis: The communication of emergency medical information between healthcare workers (nurse practitioners, physicians, or physician assistants) is currently unorganized and slow, limiting the delivery of optimal medical care and potentially jeopardizing patient safety. The team is creating an Emergent Medical Communication System to overcome this shortcoming.

2nd Place:

Rebecca Xu, Middlesex County Academy for Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences

  • Project Title: Cast-On Comfort
  • The temperature of the environment where a fractured bone is healing can play a large factor in its healing process. Regulating the temperature around the cast can stabilize healing conditions and promote a faster and safer recovery. Cast-On is a temperature regulated waterproof cast sleeve that can do just that.

3rd Place: 

Aparna Kumar, High Technology High School

  • Project Title: NeckTech
  • Synopsis: An innovative smart collar or choker that can detect improper posture and warn users so that they can adjust accordingly.


2018 MedHealth Challenge Winners

2018 MedHealth tWinners

IMG_6041_preview1st Place: Tunnel Stress Reliever from ROBOMIA 

  • Ujjayi Pamidigantam,
  • Tejaswini Ashok
  • Srikar Sadhu,

2nd Place shared between:

DSC_0030_previewInnovative Vision Check from Visibletech

  • Sriya Sadhu,
  • Udgita Pamidigantam,
  • IMG_6038_previewLalith AshokIMG_6039_preview


VisAid: Aid Sensor for the Visually Impaired

  • Mina Musthafa

3rd Place: Arduino-Based Wristband for the Tracking of Opiate Abuse

  • Mrunmayi Joshi, 9th grade

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