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Association for Women in Science, New Jersey chapter publishes short articles addressing issues related to scientists, researchers, educators, managers, policymakers and all other women associated with science. Designed as a unique resource for women in science, we seek to:


  • Present an open platform for women in STEM fields to publish their opinions, thoughts, and insight on relevant scientific topics.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of science and technology policies and updates at New Jersey as well as national level.
  • Promote discussion of issues related to women in science in and general issues of working women. 

Article formats:

A wide variety and style of articles will be accepted, including, but not limited to:

  • Perspective articles that feature the author’s opinion regarding current research or other topics of interest to science professionals and women.
  • Commentary articles that present overviews or analyses of current issues of interest.
  • Contemporary Reviews.
  • Controversies.
  • Sounding Board articles that are opinion essays.
  • Special Reports that are miscellaneous articles of special interest to our audience.
  • Instructions for authors for writing styles and submission procedure will be available on our website.

Editorial review and production:

Submitted articles will pass through an evaluation process by our editors before receiving a decision. The criteria for publication are as follows:

  • The article is original and has not been published elsewhere.
  • The article is presented in an intelligible fashion and is written in standard English.
  • The article adheres to appropriate reporting guidelines.
  • Authors are required to ensure that no material submitted as part of a manuscript infringes existing copyrights, or the rights of a third party.

We invite you to assciate with this exciting opportunity to voice your opinion where it matters. Presently we are inviting applicants to filling positions in:

  • Editorial Borad.
  • Artcle contributors.

Please register to indicate your interest. We will contact you with further details:

PDF of older articles:

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Editorial Board 2014-2015

   (Founding Editor)

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Kamana Misra, PhD Smita Varia, PhD  Jill Whidby Freund, PhD  Mary Lynn Mercado, PhD

(Founding Editor)

Section Editorial Boards:

   Tech Insights          Clinical Corner          Communication         NJ  STEM

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Katia Passerini, PhD  Renee Demarest, PhD  Patricia Weber, PhD, Laura Lorentzen, PhD

Science& Business    Clean Energy     Chemical Matters   Medical Affairs

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Sangya Varma , PhD    Serpil Guran,PhD   Shuchismita Dutta, PhD  Silky Kamdar, PhD

Gender Talk                NJ K-12 Forum                  Science Spotlight

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Joan Bennett, PhD     Anne Catena, EdD     Jeffery Constance, PhD     Disha Patel, PhD

Intellectual Property     Math Mania

Roxanne Spencer         Srabasti Dutta, PhD            Inna Nikonorova, PhD

Founder,                          Researcher & Asst Prof.        Graduate School , Rutgers

RPS IP management        Stony Brook Univ, NY



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