Association for Women in Science, New Jersey to Recognize Women in STEM at the State House

March 13th, 2019
For Immediate Release

To fulfill our mission to drive systemic organizational changes, AWIS-CJC promotes women scientists through programs that facilitate career development, education, networking, leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities. This is accomplished via alliances with partners who express a common goal to solve challenges faced by underrepresented STEM women.
March 25th 2019, AWIS-CJC is heading to the New Jersey State House to highlight the diverse contributions of women to the New Jersey STEM economy. The event will showcase our “Inclusive Ecosystem” partners who are driving these systemic changes by promoting women in STEM, amplifying their businesses, celebrating their triumphs and investing in their potential.
The Chair of the Assembly Science, Innovation, and Technology Committee, Andrew Zwicker PhD, will recognize our 2019 Mentoring Award recipients and Women in STEM Entrepreneurship Challenge Winners.
2019 New Jersey Women in STEM Entrepreneurship Challenge Winners: 
1st Place:
Company Name: Neoneur
Female Lead: Caroline Hoedemaker and Barbara Medoff-Cooper
Oral feeding of the neonate is a central nervous system, instinctive required capability. When infants are born early, with delays, or genetic conditions, their brains have not developed adequately to orally feed safely. There is no mechanism other than observation to detect the brains ability to communicate the needed skills and coordination of suck, swallow, and breath to enable the infant to feed successfully without risk of aspiration.

The Neoneur is a safe, easy to use, affordable device that is envisioned for hospital to home care of the neonate. It measures oral cavity pressure and respiration during feeding to detect the natural rhythmic biomarkers that signal brain maturation and oral cavity and respiratory coordination, such that the infant can safely be discharged from the hospital and orally feed in the home setting.

2nd Place:
Company Name: Bond and Lead
Female Lead: Brigitte Bastaldo-Tsampalis
Bond and Lead is a FashionTech company in the business of designing luxury adaptive wear. Our premium focus is our Aromatherapy Wear line which is purposefully designed to complement, enable and enhance lives through providing a sense of leadership, focus, serenity, clarity, or healing when worn. Lightning Wear and Purpose wear two other smaller lines, that also embrace better living
and 2nd Place:
Company Name: Beyond Main
Female Lead: Kate Giovambattista 
Small businesses lack the resources and access to help them compete and evolve in this new era of retailing. Beyond Main has developed a Tech Platform to provide an aggregated shop local marketplace that helps customers conveniently shop and support their favorite local businesses.
Meet our 2019 New Jersey Women in STEM Mentoring Award recipients:

Alder, Janet PhD, Assistant Dean Graduate Academic and Student Affairs, Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Dr. Janet Alder is the recipient of 2018 Rutgers Postdoctoral Association Martha SotoRutgers School of Graduate Studies Leadership Award, and the 2014 Joint Molecular Biosciences Graduate Student Association Professor of the Year Award for her mentoring. She has mentored Pre Doctoral Students, Graduate Student Thesis Committees, Post Doctoral Fellows, Neuroscience Research Program Undergraduates, Rutgers University Undergraduates, Research in Science & Engineering  Summer Program, RWJMS MD Students, and Masters in Biomedical Science Students. Dr. Janet Alder has also generously co-directed iJOBS Ppogram for career development of PhD students and Postdocs funded by NIH BEST grant, and co-directed Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Neuroscience, organized Women Leadership in Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, hosted students from Science for Undergraduates: A Program for Excellence in Research, hosted high school students participating in the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science and Engineering and participated in Bringing Rutgers Around In Neuroscience: High School Outreach and Young Women in Bio: Curious About Careers in Biomedical STEM event. 

Billings, Lora PhD, Dean at the College of Science and Mathematics, Montclair State University.

Dr. Billings research program focuses on the mathematical analysis of stochasticlb2.jpeg.0.1x.generic dynamical systems and the prediction of rate events for models in ecology and epidemiology and she has published and delivered more than 100 articles and presentations on applied mathematics. Dr. Billings has established plans at Montclair State University to support the academic success of students in the STEM fields and founded the MSU chapter of AWIS for female STEM students to network and interact with AWIS academic and industrial partners. She has mentored GK-12 Fellows in the Middle: a Partnerships for Inquiry and Interdisciplinary Middle School Science and Mathematics, and Chaired the Special Interest Group in Pure and Applied Math. Additionally, Dr. Billings has mentored 17 undergraduate students,12 graduate students 8 masters students and 2 PhD students.

Daniel, Janice PhD, Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the Newark College of Engineering, NJIT

Dr. Janice Daniel’s research is focused in the areas of transportation safety andJanice operations and has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Federal Highway Administration, New Jersey Department of Transportation, NJ Transit, NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety and others, and one of her study investigated strategies for increasing representation of minorities, females and underrepresented individuals in highway construction projects. In addition, throughout her career, Dr. Janice Daniel has been intentional about working with women and minorities on various research projects as well as through mentoring opportunities through the McNair Program and through the American Chemical Society Seed Program and mentored 13 Ph.D. students with half of these students either women or of African descent. Dr. Daniel has been active in the National Society of Black Engineers, Women’s Transportation Seminar, and the Society of Women Engineers, and is a member of the Transportation Research Board Highway Capacity, and she is Secretary of Quality of Service Committee, and former Chair of the Urban Streets Subcommittee.

Dettwiler-Danspeckgruber, Annegret Ed.D., M.S., Neuroscientist at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University. 

Dr. Dettwiler-Danspeckgruber conducts her neuroimaging research with the primary focus on how the brain re-allocates resources after injury. Dr. Dettwiler is a well-known authority on neuroimaging research in sports related concussion. She is a member of concussion committee of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, and a member of the organization for Human Brain Mapping. In addition, Dr. Annegret Dettwiler-Danspeckgruber has generously given her service as a leadership team member of the Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative, and sponsored research for numerous high school students, and undergraduate students, and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.

Mirabella, Lucia, Senior Scientist at Siemens Corporation

Dr. Lucia Mirabella has reshaped the research agenda for simulation methods atLucia Mirabella Siemens Corporation, and her research is focused on modeling and simulation of additive manufacturing process and automatic investigation of design options for optimized performance. She is Siemens Principal Investigator on multi-million DARPA funded grant for rapid virtual certification of manufacturing processes. Dr. Lucia Mirabella is recognized by the team as point of reference for any simulation related research and innovation challenges at Siemens. Dr. Mirabella has mentored numerous students and colleagues throughout her career including PhD at Politecnico di Milano, Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Georgia Institute of Technology, and  at Siemens where she mentors several graduate and undergraduate students from all over the world through the internship programs as well as junior colleagues in the team to become more effective and successful.

Ortiz-Arias, Deedee, Program Manager at Science Education Department, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.Deedee

Deedee manages the Young Women’s Conference in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, a conference that introduces annually more than 700 New Jersey middle-school and high-school aged girls to women scientists and engineers and the wide breadth of careers available to them in these fields and shows consistent positive impact on the girls’ attitudes toward STEM. Deedee Ortiz-Arias also manages  the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships, the Community College Internships, the Regional Middle & High School Science Bowls, the National STEM Day, Science on Staurdays and is the chair Latino Princetonian Networking.