AWIS CJC to Promote New Jersey Women in STEM at the State House

February 20, 2019
For Immediate Release

Women now represent a large part of the talent pool for STEM. Unfortunately, work place experiences, Isolation, hostile male-dominated work environments, ineffective executive feedback and a lack of effective sponsors, make it more likely for them to “leak” out of the pipeline. Left unaddressed, this leaky pipeline represents loss of significant talent, fatal to the economic competitiveness of the STEM ecosystem. This is especially relevant in a state like in New Jersey where STEM is a significant economy contributor.

To fulfill our mission to drive systemic organizational changes, AWIS-CJC promotes women scientists through programs that facilitate career development, education, networking, leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities. This is accomplished via alliances with partners who express a common goal to solve challenges faced by underrepresented STEM women.

AWIS-CJC is heading to the State House to highlight the diverse contributions of women to the New Jersey STEM economy. The event will showcase our “Inclusive Ecosystem” partners who are driving these systemic changes by promoting women in STEM, amplifying their businesses, celebrating their triumphs and investing in their potential.

We will also recognize our New Jersey Women in STEM Mentoring Award recipients, New Jersey Women in STEM Entrepreneurship Challenge Winners, New Jersey High School Women in STEM MedHealth challenge winners and New Jersey High School Women in STEM Scholarship Recipients.

Together, creating a role model “Inclusive STEM Ecosystem” in New Jersey