Barriers and facilitators for workplace gender diversity

Creating Role Models across all gender Spectrum’s


July 27th, Thursday, 6:00PM jennifer

Clinical Academic Building, 125 Paterson Street, Room 2144, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 


Workplace gender inequity extends way beyond stereotypical male and female roles. While misogyny gets some attention, other gender inequities often get overlooked. Preference by majority in the “other” gender spectrum to stay invisible often leads to lack of role models and sometimes, unintended perpetuation of stereotypes.

Association for Women in Science New Jersey chapter is organizing this diversity event to discuss real life challenges faced by many of us.  Jennifer Long, a veteran military combatant will share her experience of fighting bias in the Millonigmilitary, a direst work place for gender minority.

James Millonig, Senior Associate Dean of School of Graduate Studies, Rutgers University will discuss how gender minority can thrive in science and in higher education.

The objective is to raise awareness and dispel myths for improved perceptions about workplace fairness,