A Campaign for Mental Health Under Way at Janssen Research & Development, A Janssen Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson & Johnson


Have you ever thought of eating disorders with disdain, belittled them as a fad, a “phase”, or deemed them as a lifestyle choice? If yes, you are among many who overlook these serious disorders with potentially life-threatening outcomes as “frivolous.”

Our featured article for the month discusses the leading efforts to uncover the causes and potential treatments for illnesses like treatment-resistant depression, suicidality, and other mental illnesses.

It discusses how Craig Kramer’s personal experience with his daughter ‘s attempted suicide showed him the sorry state of affairs for eating disorder patients in terms of diagnosis, prognosis, inadequate insurance coverage, and beyond.
How, through his efforts and the efforts of other Johnson & Johnson leaders, the J&J Global Campaign for Mental Health was initiated as a part of Neuroscience External Affairs at Janssen Research & Development, LLC.